PayPal settings

PayPal settings

Select in your PayPal account the appropriate download fields

First we go to our Paypal account and change a few settings so we're have the appropriate fields in the downloaded CSV files. The advantage is that only that what needed is downloaded, it created a smaller CSV file and it contains less "unnecessary" information that the risk of errors is also less. Go to and login in your Paypal account

On the summary page where you end up after logging in, click on the "more" link.

Than, on the "Activity" page, click on the download link.

On this page find the "Customize download down fields (not available for PDF) and follow the link.

As you can see under default fields, are beside the invoice number all fields that we need to create a unstructered .940 file present. Therefore, select the invoice number under PayPal website payments. If you want to generate a structured .940 file with Pay2MT, you also need the address information of the buyer or vendor. Therefore we also select the Single Column Shipping Address (Address will be displayed in a single column). Then we have enough data in the CSV file to generate a stuctured or unstructered .940 file. Scroll down the page and press the Save button. And thats all you have to do in your PayPal account.