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Download Pay2MT v 1.06 for Windows

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Release Notes

Release 1.06 november 2017

  • Update: The date description in short, was only limmited with / separators. Now also the . and the - are added for the short description.

Release 1.05 April2017

  • Update Paypal changed the date ranking in the CSV of descending (from top to botom) to ascending (from top to botom). This caused wrong balance valeus and accompanied date valeus. After June 2016 the date order is standard set to ascending. This setting is a user setting because it is needs a complicated procedure to detect the ranking with short periods. This settings would probably be set just one time. For this additional setting, the configuration file needs to be updated.

Release 1.04 Januari 2017

  • Update Paypal represents the Date in short format and removes leading zero's when months and day's are lower than 10. This caused Pay2MT to refuse to convert. This update converts the input date format to a format that is acceptable to the conversion process first. Besides this update the pre-test before converting is accepting the 'new' format as well.
  • Bugfix When the directory with the CSV file used in a previous Pay2MT sesion has been removed in between, Pay2MT crashed because of the missing directory. A test on the previously stored directory for existance is executed first. If it is not found, the root directory of Pay2MT is used as default.

Release 1.03 (December 2016

  • bugfix Payal changed the presentation of currency values from 0,00 to no character at all. This caused the value validizing routine to crash. So now every currency value with the mathematical value of 0, represented as "", is converted to "0,00" instead to be succesfull for the follow up conversion process.

Release 1.02 (October 2016)

  • Added the acceptance of the UTF-8 format CSV files, introduced by paypal in June 2016. The output file is still in the standard Text output, so non UTF-8.
  • Adapted the reading of the first description line. The old format (before june 2016) did not have " " around the field names, the new current standard had the quotes, the same as all the other lines already had So Paypal changed the first line conformity to all other lines.
  • This version is able to read the new CSV files as well as the old files of before june 2016.

Release 1.01 (may 2015)

  • added acceptance of English date seperator of '/'. Pay2MT now accepts . - and / between the day, month and year notation in the Paypal CSV.
  • added acceptance of the . and , as decimal sepperator in transactions it was only the comma.
  • added acceptance of shortened transaction amounts; zero's behind the decimal dot/comma were not not presend and caused wrong calculations. Paypal recently changed CSV outputs and differs between countries.

Release 1.0

  • Pay2MT has come to a more mature state. All wishfull functions have been added.
  • If you are upgradeding from versions 0.8 please read the Readme_first.txt file. This because the stored configuration of 1.0 differs from 0.8.
  • Added the option to have the MT940 file being written in ascending order with respect to the transaction dates and periods. Paypal generates originally a descending ordered CSV. By default Pay2MT generated also a descending ordered MT940 file.
  • Bug fix: When the Paypal fee in a period (daily or monthly) is credit instead of debit, it alway's showed Debit. Although the calculations of Pay2MT of the balances and fee amounts were correct on the background, the Credit 'C' or Debit 'D' indicator in the MT940 file could have been wrong in case of Credit valeus.
  • Added Hourglass for mouse button to indicate the the conversion process to be in progress.
  • The CSV preview (stringgrid) has translated rows now

Release 0.8.1

  • If you have upgraded from versions before 0.8 please read the Readme_first.txt file. This because the stored configuration of 0.7 differs from 0.8.
  • added languages: French, Italian, Polish and Spanish. it is a fast translation so translation mistakes might be found. Feel free to give feed back to correct translations.

Release 0.8 Major changes

  • Procedures to access the CSV and MT940 files have been rewritten from Text file based to Tfilestream based allowing more programming freedom and removing obsolete 'old' procedures.
  • Structured MT940 output feature added. This also brings new columns and the need to set them to the right value.
  • Option to change bank specific transaction code values.
  • Option to change the invoice prefix description.
  • The 'paypal bank account' number needs to be changed to an IBAN based one. Pay2MT does not have a build-in number check. It only checks the unstructured number if it reflecs 10 digits at least and does not carry characters.