How to download a CSV file with PayPal

How to download a CSV file with PayPal

download a CSV file with your transaction history at PayPal

Go to and login in your Paypal account.

On the summary page where you end up after logging in, click on the "more" link.

Than, on the "Activity" page, click on the download link.

Select the period that you want to download below "Custom Date Range" and select under file types for download the "Comma delimited - Balance Affecting Payments". Than press the download history button at the bottom of the screen. Now it depends a bit how many transactions yoy have made in this period. If the CSV file is not to big is it possible to download it immediately. If it is to big PayPal have to generate it first and when the file is ready for download you receive an email.

Paypal .csv bestand opslaan

The above image depends on which browser you use. In any case, always choose to save file.

CSV bestand opslaan als ...

Our browser allows us to save as so we give our download a name so that we now wich periode this CSV file is. If your browser can only saves the files that you download they will be saved as downloaden.csv, downloaden(1).csv etc stored. To keep it simple for yourself, rename the files to the period in which they are.